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6th November 2019

Response to BBC Radio 4 PM Show

Re: Farmer contracts

For many years we have consistently paid our British farmers a fair market price – and continue to do so. This pricing approach means that farmers receive an income linked to overall dairy market performance. Due to fluctuations in the market, it is possible our farmers will sometimes receive more than those who are contracted to supermarkets and on other occasions it is slightly less.

We value our relationship with our farmers and as part of that we invest in them and what they do in a number of different ways. We also offer farmers the opportunity to fix a price for three years with us for half the production - thereby guaranteeing income - and we offer additional money to incentivise farmers to place real priority on the health of their herds.

It is this approach that ensures that we work with some of the best dairy farmers in the country and farmers want to join us - as they see we are good long-term partners who will invest in them and their business.