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Turner Hardy and Co: premium British juices for perfect cocktails

The idea came about after a disappointing Bloody Mary. With their foodie expertise and exacting standards when it comes to cocktails, childhood friends Eddie and Hugo saw an opportunity to make Britain's very best tomato juice.

Within just five days of dreaming up their grand idea, the pair had a solid business plan in place. Hampshire-based and keen to make their project 100% British, they looked to the Isle of Wight – the haven of Britain’s richest tomatoes due to its unique climate, where the vines reach 15 metres long in enormous traditional glass greenhouses.

For the sweetest flavour, Eddie and Hugo knew that ripeness was paramount: 'We're not shipping over tomatoes from Spain that are green when they're picked, and turn red on a lorry coming across France.’

The Isle of Wight tomatoes are a cut above the rest - hand-picked in small batches only once ripened to perfection on the vine, they're then juiced and glass-bottled by hand on the very same sustainable farm they're grown on.

Sustainability is hugely important to Turner Hardy & Co, and every aspect of their tomato production is eco-friendly – from composting the string on the vines, to watering the fruits with collected rainwater. Even the farm's power plant recycles its own heat and CO2.

Following the success of their unbeatably fresh Pure Tomato Juice, the friends looked for new flavours, and after two and a half years of searching for the best combination of the finest spices, they finally perfected the recipe for their sensational Feisty Tomato Juice – a drink that has won a string of accolades, including a Great Taste award.

These drinks are anything but ordinary. Whether you're looking for a pure, healthy fruit juice or a rich Bloody Mary, these refreshing, premium juices bring back the goodness of the old days – no unnatural additives or preservatives; just the highest quality freshness and flavour in every sip.

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