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River Cottage Organic

River Cottage Organic – The Famous Farm With the Tastiest Food and Drink

River Cottage is a result of celebrity chef and food activist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his learned team of organic enthusiasts. With their uncompromising commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, the farm embodies the firm belief that great food can not only bring us all happier and healthier lives, but also nurture and inspire positive change in the world.

Working in harmony with nature, the ingredients used by River Cottage are seasonal and ethically produced. With each product bottled up  in recyclable, British-made glass, the environment is considered at every stage of the production of their premium food and drink.

 River Cottage Squash Ketchup

 River Cottage kombucha
 River Cottage Vegetable Stock

 River Cottage kefir

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: ‘We are delighted that Milk & More is now stocking our fantastic range of River Cottage Organic Kombuchas and Kefirs, alongside our delicious and much-loved yoghurts that have been a staple offering for several years now. This makes for a terrific trio of live, gut-friendly products. The Kefirs, brimming with beneficial bacteria, are perfect for both pouring and drinking - the Vanilla Chai Kefir is especially good tipped over a bowl of your favourite granola. The Kombuchas all contain less than 5% sugar, with a natural fizz and light sharpness alongside the brilliant natural fruity and herbal flavourings, which makes them perfect swaps for alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices.

And, there are more River Cottage Organic food and drink products coming your way very soon with Milk & More, so watch this space!’