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H!P: Chocolate Without Compromise

Created only in 2021, award-winning H!P (Happiness in Plants) has really made its name in the vegan chocolate world. Believing there must be something more for vegans than the bitter and gritty dark chocolates and sickly sweet attempts at plant-based milk chocolate, they set out to achieved the impossible – dairy-free ‘m*lk chocolate’ with smooth, creamy texture, and a full-bodied taste that leaves you questioning – is this really dairy-free?

H!P Chocolate

It turned out the magic ingredient to the solution was already all around them, in their lattes, their smoothies and their overnight oats – oat m*lk. With a thicker and creamier consistency that the other dairy alternatives, and the most sustainable to produce, oat m*lk was the perfect choice for a business that wants to put the planet and people first. The H!P chocolatiers set their sights on Colombian cocoa for their next ingredient, buying from a family-owned business in Bogota who practise sustainable farming. Now they were ready to create deliciously creamy Earth-friendly chocolate with a clear conscience.

They quickly started concocting fun and fantastically flavoured chocolatey treats that would earn them four Great Taste Awards before their second year selling, all while working to impressive standards of sustainability. Now B Corp certified and proud partners of the 1% for the Planet, H!P have stayed true to their philosophy since the very first day – happy people, happy planet. There really is Happiness In Plants!