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Derby Hill Dairy

Derby Hill Dairy is a family farming enterprise with true milkman heritage. Based in Preston, Lancashire, it’s been a working farm since 1850 and in the expert hands of the Bradley family for five generations. Now solely about the dairy, it’s renowned for its supremely fresh and creamy milk, cream, butter, and some divinely tasty milkshakes.

For years, Derby Hill have been delivering their produce to the lucky locals, and we’re thrilled to pair up with them to share their flavoured milks far and wide so everyone up and down the country can enjoy them.

These lovely milkshakes are made from fresh, creamy whole milk and flavoured with all-natural ingredients, sourced locally and processed right on the farm. Dreamily creamy and delicious, their chocolate milk was crowned a winner in the Taste of Excellence Awards at The British Dairying Cream awards, which were designed to recognise some of the brightest stars in the dairy industry, shining a light on the best practises as well as products.

Like for all good dairy farmers, their cattle are their pride and joy, and their welfare is of upmost importance, so of course they are RSPCA Accredited.

One of the things we love most about Derby Hill Dairy is their packaging. Just like us, they use the iconic glass milk bottles, which are reused and refilled over and over again with these delicious drinks.

Choose from chocolate, strawberry and banana for a classic and delicious milkshake to enjoy with your next order. They go down a real treat with a pack of biscuits!