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Allinson’s: Rethinking Bread Since 1892

Victorian doctor and revolutionary rebel Dr Thomas Allinson founded Allinson's over 100 years ago. A friend of Gandhi and a staunch supporter of women’s rights, Allinson was a controversial character who stood up for his beliefs, no matter how unpopular they made him. He opposed tobacco and alcohol and walked for fifteen days straight from Edinburgh to London on a vegetarian diet to prove you can be strong without eating meat.

One of his biggest passions was the importance of wholemeal bread. At a time when Britain was falling in love with the new soft fluffy white variety, he championed the nutritious benefits of high-fibre wholemeal. So strong was his conviction that he opened his own flour mill to produce top-quality wholemeal flour for every baker. It was here that Allinson’s was born.

Today, Allinson’s stays true to tradition, milling its own flour to craft exceptional quality loaves, keeping Thomas’ legacy alive with exciting new recipes packed with flavour, aroma, and texture.

At Milk & More, we're proud to sell Allinson’s Champion bread – named after Thomas’ unwavering belief in the good old-fashioned wholemeal – and Scandalous Seeds, a moreish five-seed mix to celebrate flavour as bold as the baker.

Why not pick up one of these delicious loaves today?