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Hilltop Honey

Hilltop Honey; keeping honey raw, the way nature intended.

From small beginnings, Hilltop Honey started in mid Wales in the bee hives of founder Scott Davies’ parent’s back garden.

Scott’s fascination with bees and idea for starting Hilltop Honey was born during his rehabilitation from a back injury, where he would take walks to the beehives at the end of the garden.

The first jars ever sold were to the local shop in Scott’s hometown, where people were amazed with the taste of the raw honey.

As demand grew, Scott decided to meet more bee keepers and soon accumulated 5 additional brilliant British bee keepers who in total kept around 2,000 bee hives.

This gave a great advantage to control the quality of honey, enabled a year round supply and allowed the freedom for creating some new and exciting flavour infusions.

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