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Milk & More Electric Pioneers

Electric Pioneers

Leading the way in electric transportation, the humble milk float has been a silent, eco-friendly hero and quintessentially British icon since the 1800’s. For almost a century, electric milk floats have been travelling quietly up and down hundreds of streets across Britain delivering milk to people’s doorsteps.

Past Milk Floats

Introduced in the early 1900’s to take over from the horse and carts of the first milkmen, the electric motored milk float rapidly became a big hit. They allowed the daily rounds to be completed faster and more importantly, almost silently. From then, their popularity only increased over the next few decades. In fact, during the 70’s, over half of all household milk purchases were made through a milkman and delivered via milk float.

Milk & More New 100% Electric Milk Floats

Nearly 100 years on since the first floats graced British streets, the electric milk float is making an upgraded resurgence. Passionate about keeping the welfare of our planet at the forefront of our mission; we are continuing to pave the way for environmentally friendly and sustainable delivery vehicles. As part of this, we have invested in an additional fleet of 200 brand new, state of the art, electric milk floats.

Our new floats produce zero emissions, ensuring we are moving toward a more eco-friendly future. Over four times faster than their older counterparts and powered solely by battery, they can reach up to 80mph with a 75 mile range. This allows the floats to quietly glide through more streets, so that your milkman can leave your delivery at your doorstep and you undisturbed.

Milk and More awards

The eco benefits of these impressive floats haven't gone unnoticed. In 2019 alone, they won the Green Fleet of the Year award from What Van Awards; an Outstanding Achievement Award from Green Fleet Awards; the Eco Superstar award at the Great British Fleet Awards; as well as being highly commended for Eco Innovator of the Year at the Commercial Fleet Awards.