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Milk & More's Environmental Promise

Our Environmental Promise

As global citizens, we all have a responsibility to protect and reduce our impact on the environment, local communities and biodiversity.

We at Milk & More also recognise that we hold a responsibility to commercial sustainability which depends on both environmental and social responsibility. Therefore we are committing to our Environmental Strategy, and aiming to be an openly sustainable company.

We will ensure that environmental regulations and laws are fully complied with and that codes of best practice are regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance. Consideration for the environment will be integrated into our decision making process and we will work closely with our customers and suppliers to drive continuous improvements in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. We will manage effectively and improve where possible the externally accredited Environmental Management System to satisfy the BS EN 14001 standard.

As a delivery service, we are aware that the emission produced by fossil fuel run vehicles are one of the big contributors to the degradation of the planet. Therefore, in our efforts to try to be more environmentally friendly, we have invested in brand new 100% electric milk floats for our ever improving fleet. This will contribute greatly toward reducing our diesel emissions.

Milk & More's Environmental Promise

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