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What's New

We are always working hard to revive the Great British Milkman and provide a service that you'll continue to love now and in the future. Find out what we’ve been up to.

Find us in the Press

Doorstep Deliveries of the Modern Milkman

ITV investigates the everlastingly important role of the British milkman in our communities over the last 150 years, as well as their heroics during the unprecedented events of 2020. Check out their report on our champion milkmen here.

New Customers and Millions of Deliveries

Click here to watch Reuters' news story on how Milk & More is helping to feed the nation during lockdown. Natalie Powell talks to CEO Patrick Müller and a brand new customer to find out more.

'The Rise of the Milkmen and Women'

Since the crisis began, we've adjusted to an unprecedented demand, but remain determined to deliver. The BBC talked to one of our milkmen to find out what it means to deliver during lockdown. Read the story here.

'Celebrating Britain's Unsung Heroes'

ITV's This Morning catch up with Darren Barnes, one of our milkmen, to find out how he's looking after customers who are isolating during the pandemic. Watch the report here.

'Five Reasons Milkmen are Cool Again'

The Grocer looks at the return of the milkman and why they are re-emerging as a 'cool' British icon. From saving the planet to our 'rad new wheels,' read their five reasons for our trendy come back in the full article.

BBC Radio 4 Interview with our Milkman Ian Beardwell

Joining presenters Aasmah Mir and Rev Richard Cole on Saturday Live, one of our milkmen Ian Beardwell chats about what it means to be a milkman. From his everyday role, to the commitment to his community, Ian explains what has earned him his well deserved 'Hero' award. Listen to the full program on BBC Radio 4.

'"Hero" Milkman Performs Random Acts of Kindness on Milk Rounds'

Huffington Post's HumanKind celebrates people's acts of kindness for both people and the planet, including the alturism of one of our milkmen. Read the full article to find out what makes us so proud of our milkmen and the positive impact they have on their communities.

'Return of the Milkman'

The Financial Times joins one of our milkmen on a round to hear his thoughts on the rise in conscious effort to reduce plastic waste. Whilst delivering pints of glass bottled milk, he also discusses the role we have to play within this new surge of eco-friendly living. Watch the video here.

'A Modern Electric "Milkman" Fleet'

Green Fleet interview our CEO Patrick about our fleet of delivery vehicles, including our investment in 200 new 100% electric, zero emissions milk floats as part of our bid to be more environmentally friendly. Read the full article here.

'The White Stuff: Why the Milk Float is Making a Return'

The Telegraph report nostalgically on the tradition of milk in Britain. Following it's longterm decline, Jeremy Taylor explores the recent steady return of milk to the doorsteps of households across the nation. With help from our 200 new zero emissions milkfloats to the rise in plastic waste reduction, find out more in the full article here.

More from Us

Wonderful Products from Great Suppliers

We want to bring you the best produce from local and artisan suppliers across Britain. To do this, we are working with some amazing, high quality suppliers who not only make wonderful products but who also care about the way their products are made. You can find out more about some of our suppliers here.

Electric Milk Floats

Milk & More continues to forge a strong path in eco-friendly deliveries. We now have the UK's largest fleet of electric vehicles, allowing us to make more zero emissions deliveries across the country. Read more about our electric milk floats, their impressive accolades and their pioneering history.

Environmental Efforts

We care about the environment and are taking steps to become more eco-friendly and sustainable for the good of the communities we serve. Our glass milk bottles, often reused on average 25 times before they are recycled, are a mainstay of our service. We are also working with our suppliers to make sure our packaging is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, helping our customers to live more environmentally conscious lives conveniently. You can read more about our commitment to the environment here.

Community Commitment

We're proud to say our milkmen have become an integral part of local communities across Britain. That's why we are opening this year's annual Milkman of the Year award, to give our customers a chance to show their gratitude for any milk man or woman that really went over and above the line of duty this year. 

We are also running extra community projects around the UK. This year, our Grass to Glass project helped to not only teach children about the role of the milkman, but to also encourage a healthy lifestyle using the freshly delivered produce. Find out more about the grass to glass project.