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The Simply Delicious Cake Company

The Simply Delicious Cake Company:
Handmade Fruit Cakes from Shropshire

The Simply Delicious Cake company began over 15 years ago with Milly Hunter, who was making handmade fruit cakes while also running a catering business with her mum.

Milly would bake the cakes in her farmhouse kitchen and sell them at food festivals, including the Ludlow Food Festival where she won the award for best new product.

She soon found that she was enjoying baking and selling her cakes so much, that she decided to focus all of her attentions outside of her family onto them.

Before too long, Milly’s husband Archie joined her in running the new business and, to accommodate their 

growth, the couple converted some nearby traditional barns into a busy bakery.

Due to a rapidly growing demand for their truly delectable cakes they also enlisted help from members of the Hunters’ local, rural village community. With mothers and daughters, fathers and sons all working together in the bakery, The Simply Delicious Cake Company really became and continues to be a family business.

Every cake is made using only the best ingredients, including local eggs from the farm just across the hill. The combination of high quality ingredients and the care and attention that goes into every batch is evident in each slice of a Simply Delicious cake.

Handmade Fruit Cakes