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The Tomato Stall: taste the sunshine

The Tomato Stall tend to the Isle of Wight's tastiest and juiciest tomatoes, and we're excited to be providing a seasonal box of the very best from their diverse and delicious yield, from sweet Piccolos to juicy golden plums and hearty beef varieties.

The Isle of Wight is the place to go to for the most flavoursome British fruits, and these tomatoes may just be the best in the country and beyond. Grown in the enormous greenhouses of the rich and fertile Arreton Valley, they benefit from the island's sunny maritime climate and are only hand-picked once ripened to their peak and bursting with flavour.

Flavour and quality has been at the forefront of The Tomato Stall's ethos since its 2007 beginnings. The company started out selling at farmers' markets throughout the South of England in a bid to showcase the surprisingly rich flavour of these seemingly exotic, British grown goods, and their customers were amazed.

Isle of Wight sliced tomatoes
Isle of Wight tomatoes

The talented and innovative growers on the island are experts in their field, passionate about finding the very best tomatoes, growing and trialling up to 200 varieties each year in their search for the next best thing.

They've even spearheaded organic growing techniques. Their Soil Association-approved plants are pollinated in the greenhouses by a team of British-native bumblebees, and they only use natural predators to control pests, completely shunning anything artificial in their precious tomatoes' growth.

What's more, every aspect of their growing system is biodegradable. Everything from the coconut husks that the plants are grown in, to the natural string used on the vines, is composted on site and used as an all-natural fertiliser to keep their organic soil healthy year-on-year.

With The Tomato Stall, you'll not only enjoy distinctly tasty tomatoes with the fullest flavours; you'll also be supporting nature-friendly, sustainable British farming from a supplier that is truly passionate about the all-around goodness of their product.