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The Lab Co relaxing laundry strips

The Lab Co. - Elevating the Everyday

The Lab Co. is committed to enhancing daily routines, starting with laundry, while staying eco-conscious and effective. They believe that small, mindful changes can lead to lasting benefits for you, your belongings, and the planet.

Their breakthrough laundry detergent strips epitomise this commitment. These small but powerful strips are highly effective, gentle, and eco-friendly, using concentrated natural, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients. Impressively sustainable, the biodegradable strips work by dissolving down into powerful cleaning TLC, and their innovative design omits the need for heavy plastic packaging.

But they don’t stop at effectiveness. The Lab Co. take laundry to a new level with the power of aromatherapy. The Energising strips offer the vibrant scent of Cuban grapefruit, the Relaxing version combines lavender, cotton and jasmine and there’s even a fragrance-free choice for sensitive noses and skin.

The Lab Co. invites us to make small, impactful changes every day. Join them in elevating the ordinary and doing better for yourself and the planet.