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The Jolly Hog – The UK’s First B Corp Meat Company, For Jolly Good Reason!

The Jolly Hog is a Bristol-based family business, founded by brothers, Josh, Max and Olly, after a heated debate about sausages. Unable to agree on who makes the best British bangers, they decided to have a go themselves!

After perfecting a recipe, their very first sausage was sold in the car park of Twickenham Stoop stadium in 2008. Over the next few years, The Jolly Hog’s air stream, Miss Piggy, took to the road attending festivals and gaining a cult following up and down the country. The huge demand for their sumptuous sausages and bacon led the brothers to open their first restaurant, Pigsty, in 2015, the same year their goods hit the shops. The business has been booming ever since, and the trio never stopped using it as a force for good.

Jolly Hog bacon buttie
The Jolly Hog founders

In the brothers’ minds, with quality meat, animal welfare is just as important as taste, and it’s crucial to know their pork comes from responsible and ethical farming. To be sure of high welfare standards, all of The Jolly Hog’s meat is locally sourced from RSPCA Assured and Outdoor Bred Farms.

When it comes to jolly good deeds, the brothers choose to donate their premium meat, as well as profits, to food poverty charities and the NHS. In 2022, they became the very first meat company in the UK to get the B Corp certification. For The Jolly Hog, being a B Corp is all about putting purpose before profit, and they strive to continue to make a positive impact on their team, consumers and the planet, all while making mind-blowingly good food.