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The Herds and the Bees – Nature-Friendly British Farming at its Best

Like so many of our outstanding suppliers, the creative brains behind the Herds and the Bees really go the extra mile when it comes to animal welfare and caring for the environment. You might already know all about these inspiring producers if you’ve tasted the fabulous free-range eggs from their Birds and the Bees range, which are all laid by happy hens raised on innovative bee-friendly farms.

The Herds and the Bees

With nature-friendly farming at the heart of business, The Herds and the Bees takes things a step further.

After 25 years dedicated to eggs, the family business decided to expand and create tasty yoghurts produced in the most environmentally-friendly and ethical way.

Built on the belief that happy cows produce the best milk, they work closely with responsible Channel Island farmers, ensuring they receive the right support to continue their stellar care for their cattle.

This perfectly sourced milk with its naturally creamy texture is turned into heavenly smooth yoghurts with the most deliciously fruity flavours, now ready to order to your doorstep!