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Coconut Collaborative

The Coconut Collab

The Coconut Collab’s story began in London in 2014 with a pair of coconutters who believe that a bit of indulgence and pursuing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

In a bid to confirm their belief, they set out to create delicious treats that would be both healthy and environmentally conscious whilst never compromising on taste. Spoiler alert: it was a success! Harnessing the power of the small but mighty coconut they managed to make a super indulgent, creamy, dairy free treat that was also gluten free and low in sugar, too.

But that wasn’t good enough, they wanted to make sure that the tasty creations they had made would give something back to the planet, too. So they teamed up with Pur Project to plant thousands of coconut trees every year in Southeast Asia.