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Rocks Drinks – Simple Ingredients, Superior Taste

Farmer Hugh Rock started his family business in 1981, a time when supermarket shelves were being stacked with soft drinks whose great long lists of ingredients were riddled with chemicals. Like so many others at the time, Hugh was concerned about the quality of these squashes and cordials, and thought a return to the old ways was a good idea.

His purpose was simple - to create authentic soft drinks with absolutely nothing artificial – no sweeteners, concentrates, colours, preservatives or additives of any kind. His drinks would be just like a traditional homemade lemonade, a simple combination of top quality natural ingredients.

Working with the finest fruit growers only, Rocks squish their fruits whole, pulp and fibre included. The only other ingredients are a little natural cane sugar, fresh Devonshire spring water, and citric acid, naturally derived from maize or sweet potatoes. The result is intensely fruity drinks that really stand out from the crowd, in taste, purity and freshness.

All these years later, with Hugh now retired, the Rocks team proudly keep his heritage alive, following the original recipes to make simple honest drinks bursting with the freshest natural flavours.

Rocks Drinks