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Pimhill Farm

Pimhill Farm; One of the first organic mills in the UK.

It was in the 1920’s that Pimhill farm was purchased by founder Sam Mayall where originally cattle, sheep, and some arable crops were farmed. In 1949 after Sam’s son Richard read a book lent to him by a fellow agriculture student, the farm stopped using artificial fertilisers or chemicals and went organic - a decision taken on the strength of their belief that this was the best way forward for both their land and for their livestock.

Then, during the 1950’s the family decided to start milling their own wheat into flour. As demand grew, they added oats and muesli to their range, since the 1960’s, Pimhill have been supplying local shops and bakeries.

Three generations on, and Pimhill is just as commited to the organic methods of food productions and have been growing our wheat and oats the same way ever since for our range of muesli, oats, flour and oatcakes.

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