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Next Generation Farmers Program

Investing in the Future
Milk & More Next Generation Farmers

Building a sustainable future for the British dairy farming forms the backbone of our business. Our Next Generation program ensures that young farmers receive the training and support they need to thrive in the industry.

Running over the course of three years, our initiative will ensure the dairy farmers on our programme are given bespoke training from specialist mentors to equip them with all the knowledge they need for their dairy farms to thrive. They’ll also benefit from meeting three times a year to share their knowledge, experience and best practice.

We met up with Ross from Cote Hill Farm to talk about his experience in the Milk & More Next Generation Farmers programme, and his life as a farmer.


How did you get into farming?
I grew up on the farm, I'm a third generation farmer. I first got into farming by helping my dad out doing the Sunday morning milking.

What's your favourite thing about farming?
Being guardians of the countryside and bringing up healthy animals - you can't beat it.

What are your main challenges?
For me, it's getting the message across about the good we do on the farm and why our products are so amazing.

How does Milk & More's Next Generation Farms support you?
It’s a programme that speaks to me as a young farmer. It’s a really place to go and speak to other people in the same situation and how their experiences differ. It’s helped me identify what’s good about our farm and what can be improved. I’m always up for trying new things. We have 3 workshops every year, looking at business management, people management and succession planning with really like minded individuals. It’s all very practical advice which helps me to understand what best practice is on the farm, but also how to run a successful business.

What are you doing to help towards a more sustainable future?
We’ve got solar panels to generate electricity that keeps the milk parlour running. We also have solar thermal hot water production. Sustainability is also about supporting the local economy. For example if we use energy on the farm we’re getting local electricians from local businesses to come and support us. It becomes more of a circular economy which is really important to us at Cote Hill.

Our Milk & More Next Generation Farmer Ross with his cows