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Helen Browning

Helen Browning's Organic - 'it is all about great tasting, organic food and the farm is where it starts'

At Milk & More, we love to champion remarkable farmers who are passionate about the welfare of their animals, their impact on the environment and the quality of their produce. When that produce makes a delicious breakfast, it’s even better!

So, for premium organic sausages and bacon, who better to work with than the Chief Executive of the Soil Association herself, Helen Browning OBE? The Soil Association stands for healthy food that's humanely and sustainably farmed in harmony with the environment, and it certifies the highest standard of organic farming in the UK.

Helen took over her family's scenic farm in the Wiltshire Downs in 1986 and started transitioning it to organic soon after. Since then, her beloved Saddlebacks have become accustomed to the high life. These happy pigs roam freely in vast, peaceful paddocks with the sun on their backs, graze on the best organic food, and sleep in the most modern temperature-regulated sties. The well-kept animals live healthy lives the way that nature intended, so there's no need for unnatural antibiotics in their diet.

Helen's love for her animals is at the heart of her farming philosophy: 'give livestock freedom, in almost every sense, and they deliver great tasting food.' She welcomes people to visit the animals at her family farm, and see for themselves the wonders of organic. Helen says, ‘of all the benefits I love about organic farming – the wildlife, the landscape, the delicious food – what motivates me more than anything is allowing our animals to have as good a life as possible.’

Helen Browning pigs