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FRANK Water: H2O with Heart

Living in a nation that has easy access to clean water, it’s not hard to forget about those who don’t have this privilege, not to mention the outstanding people who are working hard to help them.

One such person is award-winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott. After contracting dysentery from drinking dirty water, Katie decided to start her own charity dedicated to providing safe drinking water to millions of people worldwide. It was here that FRANK Water was born.

Working with nature by sourcing water from natural springs in the Devon countryside, and bottling it in glass, FRANK Water provides transportable water (in still and sparkling varieties!), and 100% of their profits go straight to funding safe water projects around the world.

These 32% recycled glass bottles are a great way to enjoy fresh still and sparkling spring water, while helping other people be able to enjoy it, too, so why not pick up a bottle for your summer picnic here?

Frank Water