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Dragonfly Foods - Creators of Plant-Based Favourites and Britain's Tastiest Tofu

Starting in a Devon kitchen in 1984, the talented cooks behind Dragonfly Foods set out to sell plant-based, protein-rich foods that were yet to have their moment in the sun in the UK. Over the years, their passion for tofu has taken the business to another level. We caught up to find out why some say their expertly-made Momen tofu is one of the best in the world.

Although they now have bragging rights to the biggest tofu production line in the UK, things began very differently for Dragonfly Foods. When their 'Grandmaster of Tofu' Gareth joined the company over twenty years ago, they were so committed to the old-school Japanese tofu-making methods that they did everything by hand, from fishing out the whey with small sieves and using buckets to tip the soya milk into the presses.

Like the best cheeses, there's a fine craft and consistency needed to create the highest quality tofu, and so when demand increased, Dragonfly invested in machinery to give them meticulous control over the temperature and thickness of their soya milk, while still hand-crafting their tofu the most traditional way possible.

In addition to perfecting their processes, Dragonfly's tofu team invest plenty of time into making sure they continue to produce this pernickety food to the highest standard. Learning from the experts in Japan, the dedicated chefs bring their knowledge back to their very own Tofu Academy in Devon, where they train the next generations in the expert skills and secrets to continue creating Britain's best tofu.

Along with quality, sustainability and environmental responsibility have always been incredibly important to Dragonfly Foods, particularly when it comes to tofu. Their soya beans come from a co-operative of family farms in northern China, which grows them in the most sustainable way without causing any harm to the environment. When the beans arrive in Devon and the soya milk is created, a brilliant by-product is produced - the protein-rich bean husks known as okara. While some producers let this go to waste, Dragonfly Foods use it in their veggie burgers and soysages as an all-natural and protein-rich binding agent, and sell the leftovers to a local pie-maker. For the remainder of their ingredients, they keep things British, with all of their organic fruit and veg being locally sourced.

Full of fresh natural ingredients to suit every taste and lifestyle, Dragonfly's versatile creations can be enjoyed hot or cold and lend themselves to any number of tasty dishes. Still a family business, they've stayed true to their original goals - creating purely natural and organic plant-based foods that are full of protein and flavour, and always sustainably and ethically made.