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Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella - Delicious Ways to Feel Better

After experiencing poor health in her early twenties, Ella Woodward made a determined decision to do everything within her power to improve her wellbeing, and quickly discovered that following a diet of natural, plant-based ingredients made her feel enormously better, both physically and mentally.

Wanting to document her personal experiences as a total beginner leaning to cook delicious plant-based food, she created a simple blog. Little did she know what would come next! Within a year, the blog had taken off in the UK and internationally thanks to a following of fans who shared her interest in finding natural, plant-based recipes that are both simple to make and utterly delicious.

With the explosive success of her new venture, Ella took the reins of her business and turned it into something magnificent. Today the team – lead by Ella and her husband Matthew Mills – work to grow the Deliciously Ella brand through not only multiple ranges of delicious plant-based foods, but also an app, a podcast, six cookbooks, and a café-restaurant. At the heart of everything Deliciously Ella offers are the core five pillars of wellness that they believe are the keys to improved health and happiness: eating plant-based food, hydration, sleep, exercise and mindfulness.

When it comes to plant-based eating, breakfast is an easy swap to make, so we're delighted to stock Deliciously Ella’s crunchy granolas and creamy bircher muesli, all vegan, gluten-free and made in the UK. With ingredients this natural, nourishing and full of flavour, as well as packaging that is fully recyclable, these cereals make some of the most wholesome breakfasts around.