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DASH Water cans

DASH Water: Sustainable and Sparkling, the Carbon Neutral, Wonky Fruit Drink

DASH founders Jack and Alex are proud to have a ‘wonky world view.’ Growing up on farms, they witnessed the heart-breaking amount of hard work and food that goes to waste when supermarkets turn down misshapen or discoloured fruit and veg, driving overproduction to create the perfect produce to sit pretty on their shelves. They knew they might not be able to change buying habits on a grand scale, but they could save some of that fruit.

They chose to celebrate the unpretty produce by turning it into sweet fruity drinks while building a brand that stays true to their ethos of good environmental and social practises.

DASH Water cheers
DASH Water wonky fruit

It’s no surprise these sustainable saviours are B Corp certified. As well as fighting food waste, they’ve helped farmers get more for their labour, donated hundreds of thousands of meals through to charity, done their bit to promote good health, and they’ve gone beyond carbon neutrality, offsetting a remarkable 1,074 tonnes of emissions, surpassing the 5-tonne threshold required.

The wonky fruit juice is joined in the recycled, recyclable cans with fresh British Spring water and bubbles, no additives and nothing fancy, just pure and simple refreshment.