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Meet one of our farmers
The fantastic people at the very heart of who we are.

We at Milk & More are truly proud of our dedicated farmers who work tirelessly to ensure that not only do you get the best products, but that they are produced fairly, and sustainably. They genuinely love what they do and it shows. Find out more about one of our farmers John, who’s family have been farming in Purbeck, Dorset on a 2000 acre farm for over half a century.

It all began when John’s father bought their farm in 1962 with 60 cows, with years of hard work and a real passion for farming, the herd has now grown to 150 strong with all the families still descending from the original herd.

Organic Farmers

Organic Farmers

All of the cows at Bradle Farm are well looked after and cared for and are allowed as much time out side in the fresh air as possible when the weather is good.

The passion for what they do really shows in how the farm is run day to day by John and his brothers, as well as that even at the age of 94 John’s father still keeps and tends to the young animals, checking on them everyday.

"Farming is in my blood,
I wouldn't want to do anything else."