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Blue Goose

Blue Goose Coffee: Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Although we depend on our beloved coffee machines for our daily caffeine fix, in doing so, we’ve been leaving a trail of non-recyclable coffee pods in our wake.

This is where the inspiring story of Blue Goose Coffee began. Left aghast by typical plastic and aluminium coffee pod waste, co-founders Lex and Nick went in search of an eco-friendly alternative. They found their solution in a genius compostable blend of corn starch and lignin – a handy waste product of the paper industry.

Their eco mission didn’t stop with this spark of innovation. They went the whole hog, and made sure that all of their packaging was impressively eco-conscious too, from FSC certified cardboard to plant-based inks and plastic-free glue.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that Blue Goose Coffee’s mission is all about recycling, though.

As keen coffee aficionados, Lex and Nick looked to Ethiopia and Peru for the most authentic ingredients and flavours from the birthplaces of coffee, along with the best Fairtrade deals to produce each of their amazingly rich drinks as ethically as possible.

There’s so much more than just coffee in a capsule of Blue Goose Coffee. There’s a real passion for eco and ethical sustainability put into making sure you enjoy a cup of speciality coffee at its best. So take some time to take it slow and enjoy a cup of coffee that’s not your average Joe.