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Bertinet Bakery - Bread Made Better


The Bertinet Bakery was founded in 2008 by award-winning chef and baker Richard Bertinet, who has a passionate belief in real, honest bread made from natural, high quality ingredients. Beginning life as a pop-up bakery above his cookery school in Bath, the Bertinet Bakery quickly gained enormous popularity, and it's all due to their amazing tasting sourdough.

These all-natural artisan loaves are baked daily using traditional methods and the finest British flour. An expert in dough with six books to his name, Richard understands the power of simple but well-selected ingredients and time-honoured baking techniques – something that still plays a huge role in his bakery’s creations. The Bertinet Bakery shuns absolutely anything artificial to synthetically boost the shelf life or softness of their bread. Instead they invest their time and discipline to create slowly-fermented, high quality loaves that boast the very best textures and flavours.

In the words of Bertinet Bakery, 'With little fuss and plenty of time, this is bread made better.'

With the bakery's delicious creations, there's a sourdough for every taste. The seeded sourdough with toasted sunflower and golden linseed makes a mean sandwich with a crunchy bite. Then there's the classic white and malted wheat varieties. A few lightly-toasted slices of these light, airy loaves make the ideal accompaniment to the perfect cheese board.