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Belle & Wilde

Belle & Wilde: Bettering the Taste of Bakery The Natural Way 

After realising she needed to follow a gluten-free diet, Belle & Wilde co-founder Annabelle was inspired to bake her own delicious snacks and treats: ‘I was studying and I got really ill. I stopped eating gluten altogether and that made me feel a whole lot better. But I struggled to find gluten free treats that were decent and not full of preservatives, so I started making my own. I wanted to develop something that tasted good. That’s when we decided to set up the business.’

Together with her mother Grail, Annabelle founded Belle & Wilde in 2019 with a mission to craft mouth-watering sweet and savoury bakes, all made with naturally fresh and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients, and no preservatives. The mother daughter duo baked up seriously tasty gluten-free food with a base of six ‘hero ingredients’ – milk, butter, honey, free range eggs, sunflower oil, and the highest quality specially blended gluten-free flours.

In each sumptuous bake, the goodness of these heroes speaks for itself, with fabulous flavours, textures and aromas to match, and even better, the taste of traditional bakery products. By harnessing the power of pure and natural ingredients, Belle & Wilde is able to boast ‘clean labelling,’ meaning the ingredients on their products are all ones you can recognise and pronounce!

Belle & Wilde’s sweet and savoury goods bring a welcome touch of indulgence to everyday snacking, so treat yourself to some ‘Great Taste’ and ‘Free From’ award-winning bites today.

Belle & Wilde snacks and treats