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Meet Some of Our Stand-out Sustainable Suppliers

Every single one of our suppliers is inspiring in their own way, and with them we’re always striving to grow more eco-friendly for the future. Read more about some of the innovative steps our partners took in 2020.

At Milk & More, we’re very particular about the suppliers we work with. As well as seeking top-quality, uniquely special products, it’s paramount that we work with partners who share our values of sustainability, responsible farming and eco-friendly production. That’s why we work with the most innovative brands who go above and beyond year-on-year to improve their environmental impact.

Here are some of the stand-out eco wins our amazing suppliers made in 2020:

Compostable Film

One of our favourite bakeries, the Artisan Bakery, have always been known for their extra-fresh, all-natural loaves and pastries. In 2020, they took their passion for all things natural a step further. You might have thought that plastic is an inevitable necessity for packaging such fresh goods, but this brilliant bakery made waves by finding a compostable film solution made from eucalyptus pulp from certified forests.

Compostable Coffee Pods

In 2020, we started working with Blue Goose Coffee, a brilliantly inspired young company borne from the belief that people should be able to enjoy their coffee from a machine without worrying about the unnecessary waste of the capsules. Not only did they create an outstandingly rich range of coffee in compostable pods, they made sure to use plant-based ink and plastic-free glue in their packaging, too.

Household Goods, Plastic-Free

Fill was one of our most exciting new additions last year. The glass-bottled household supplies are truly ground-breaking in the zero-waste world. Just like our milk and juice bottles, the empties are collected by your milkman to be reused as many times as possible before being recycled. We can't wait to see how many tonnes of plastic our customers will save in 2021 with the help of this trailblazing partnership.

No Pointless Plastic Fruit and Veg

Our diverse and thoughtfully curated fruit and veg boxes boast the freshest organic yields while  cutting out all the unnecessary plastic packaging you typically see in supermarket produce. We use paper bags and compostable food netting wherever possible, always keeping single-use plastic to the bare minimum. Last year alone, our customers saved an amazing 4 tonnes of plastic by swapping out their store-bought fruit and veg purchases to doorstep deliveries by Milk & More.

Planting Trees

Last year we partnered up with the Coconut Collaborative. Not only are their dairy-free desserts and yoghurts some of the most delicious treats for the vegan fridge, they make sure to give back to the environment by working with the Pur Project which plants thousands of coconut trees each year.

Bringing Dairy-Free to the Zero-Waste World

Milk & More might be built on dairy, but we’re proud to help the non-dairy communities reduce their plastic pollution too. Last year Oato joined our zero-waste range with their smooth oaty milk alternative. This all-natural British drink joins the team of glass bottles that are reused 25 times on average before being recycled.

The Soy Question

When it came to vegan options, there was never a doubt about continuing to work with the fantastic Dragonfly Foods. In their determination to produce their food sustainably and ethically, they source all their soya beans from a co-operative of family farms in northern China. They even give a second life to their okara (the protein-rich bean husks from the soy) by using it as an all-natural binding agent for their burgers, selling any leftovers to a local pie-maker.

Plastic-Free Labels

It’s no secret that the yoghurt maestros behind River Cottage have made ground-breaking accomplishments in nature-friendly farming and production methods, but in 2020, they went a step further in masterminding a brand new type of plastic-free label that remains on their glass jars of yoghurts without shrivelling or falling off in the fridge. The ‘earth label’ was the final step to making these amazing yoghurts completely plastic-free, and is sure to blaze a trail for countless other brands to follow.

Tea Bags

There’s been concerns raised around the non-recyclable aspects of tea bags for some time, and luckily for us, our trusted tea suppliers, Dorset Tea and Clipper worked hard throughout 2020 to create the best compostable blend. Now packaged in fully recyclable bags, we’re happy to say that this tea makes the best brew for both you and the planet.

Read up more on our fantastic suppliers here, and be sure to discover our full range of food and drink on our website.