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Longman's; Farmers and farmhouse cheese makers in the Vale of Camelot for over two centuries.

A family with real Somerset Farming Heritage, it was in the 1930s William Longman, started expanding the family business of farmhouse cheese making.
He managed to do so through the partnership system of farming, yet without losing any of the established traditions.
In 1964, William Longman was awarded a MBE for Service to Agriculture, an award achieved through sheer hard work and commitment.

Longman's Rolled Salted Butter

This wealth of experience means that Longmans have a unique knowledge of cheese and dairy products through to the present day.
Whilst cheese is still the passion, Longmans now also distribute both local, and continental cheeses, as well as providing a wholesale range of charcuterie and fine foods plus additional dairy products such as their award-winning butters.

Family Farmers

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