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Milk delivery

There’s nothing quite like fresh, cold milk straight from a glass bottle on your breakfast cereal. And the best way to get that is with a morning delivery from your local milkman.

Whether you prefer skimmed milk, semi-skimmed or full cream, milk&more can deliver it to your door, bright and early, up to six days a week. Splash it over your cereal, pour it in your coffee or simply enjoy it fresh straight from the glass.

Online grocery shopping from milk&more

Shop online at milk&more until 9pm the night before your next delivery and your order will be on your doorstep the next morning, up to six days a week. Choose from Country Life Standard milk, flavoured milk (for treats), organic milk and specialist varieties like goat’s and soya milk. What’s more, free home delivery means exactly what it says. There are no hidden charges.

To arrange a home grocery delivery, first check that a Dairy Crest milk&more milkman delivers in your area by clicking on the Postcode checker to the right.

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