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Dragonfly Organic Bubble & Squeak Vegetable Cakes, 2 pack

£2.50 (£1.25/100g)
In Stock

About Dragonfly Organic Bubble & Squeak Vegetable Cakes

Enjoy delicious bubble and squeak without the hassle with Dragonfly’s Bubble and Squeak Vegetable Cakes. Each one is made with organic potato, cabbage and onions that have been cooked to perfection and made into an easy patty shape. These tasty bubble and squeak rounds can be barbequed, grilled, fried, oven baked or microwaved so they are versatile enough to fit in with whatever meal you’re making. Serve them up as part of a delicious fry up, or use them as a meat free burger patty, they’re a delicious treat for everyone.

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