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Meet One of our Organic Dairy Farmers

At Milk & More, we are proud to champion British farmers who produce great products from sustainably farmed land and well cared for animals. Adam is a fourth generation farmer who has seen first-hand the amazing benefits of organic methods on his dairy farm in north Devon, which is home to 400 happy cows.

The farm’s Holstein Friesians, Norwegian Reds and German Fleckviehs spend their days freely grazing fresh paddocks of organic barley, grain and grass; and sleep on the most comfortable sand bedding. Adam believes that well cared for cows raised on organic land are the best source of milk, as you can be sure it's completely natural.

During his farm’s evolution into organic dairy, Adam saw some surprising benefits to his land. He explains that using legumes and clover instead of artificial fertilisers and pesticides has resulted in higher quality soil and more local flora. It is thanks to this that an abundance of wildlife has now made the farmland their home, including hares, bats and owls.

organic dairy farmer

For Adam, sustainability doesn’t stop there. The farm is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the family-run business is passionate about protecting it. They have gone so far as developing their own natural water supply, investing in energy-saving equipment, and even building their own wind turbines.

Adam’s principles of rearing healthy, happy cows on responsibly farmed land, and using the most natural organic methods possible all come together to result in the highest-certified organic milk.

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