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BeeBee Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps, Mixed Pack

Product currently not available

About BeeBee Organic Cotton Beeswax Wraps

Take a step towards sustainability with BeeBee’s beeswax food wraps. Each wrap is made with organic cotton, jojoba oil and dyes, beeswax from British bees whose keepers follow the Bee Farmer’s Association’s code of conduct and tree resin responsibly sourced from European forests. Use them to pack sandwiches, protect open food, store fresh herbs and much more, they are a brilliant reusable, plastic free alternative to cling film or food wrapping. Plus once the beeswax wrap comes to the end of its life it can be completely composted.

Mixed sizes, one of each: 33 x 33cm, 26 x 26cm, 18 x 18cm