milk&more local milkmanCat and Dog Food Delivery

You make sure you've got food to feed the family, but what about the family's furry friends?

Save on all the heavy lifting of cat and dog food packets and tins and get your supplies delivered FREE by your local milkman. Set up a regular order weekly, fortnightly or more often to make sure you never run out of pet food.

Choose from Winalot, Go Cat, Felix and even our Premium Wood based Cat Litter for everything you need for your pet. Your milkman even delivers Wild Bird Food for you garden visitors.

Check out the full range of pet foor you can buy from your milkman here?

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Start shopping online today with milk&more today and discover over 200 daily essentials for free home delivery. With deliveries from your local milkman you can order up to 9pm the night before your next delivery. Check our website for a great selection of breakfast cereal at great everyday prices. Enter your postcode & we'll tell you who your local milkman will be and when he can deliver to you.