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Your local milkman

Christmas Deliveries

All of our delivery drivers will be on holiday on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th December and Monday 1st January.

When you log in to your account, you may notice that we’ve moved your regular orders forward. This is so that your essentials are delivered as close as possible to Christmas day or New Year’s day, so you won’t run out over the festive period.

You’ll be able to change the delivery date of any orders we have automatically updated after the 11th December.

Where do we deliver?

We’re already delivering to 750,000 homes across the UK but there’s always room for more. That’s why we’re always expanding our delivery areas. To find out if we deliver to you, just follow the link and enter your postcode. If we can deliver to your area, we’ll introduce you to your very own milkman.

Meet a milk&more milkman

Early Morning Deliveries

Timed home deliveryGary is one of the faces of milk&more – and a real milkman, too. After eight years as a milkman in Exeter, delivering over 4,880 pints of milk every week, Gary’s seen a few changes in his daily milk run. As word about the ease and convenience of a daily milk&more delivery has spread, more and more people are taking advantage of a reliable food delivery service for daily essentials like butter and bread, and heavy items like bottled water, fruit juice and potatoes.

milk, bread and cheese delivered to your homeGary’s average day starts at quarter to one in the morning, when three alarms wake him up to get him to the depot for 2am. Over the next hour, he loads up his electric milk float with his day’s orders, and starts his deliveries from 3am. For the next six hours, he delivers milk and other daily essentials to people on his milk run, and collects empty bottles to bring back to the depot. At 9am, as most of us get to work, Gary’s day is nearly over.

milk van home deliveryWhy does Gary love his job? He loves the people he works with and meets on his daily milk run. He loves the physical activity. He loves the independence of working alone. And he loves early mornings. (Fortunately.)

Enter your postcode to see if we deliver to your area.